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Welcome to our ECU remapping, reprogramming and map writing training courses, where you will learn to be a map writer

To design a good ECU remapping, reprogramming and map writing training course takes years. It has to be properly structured so that you complete all the assignments, understand them and can use this knowledge after leaving our classroom.

Our course is designed to ensure you are competent and able to map a vehicle. With a solid understanding of the ECU control process and how to make considered changes.

We make sure, before attending our course, you have the course timetable so you know what you're going to achieve during our course. We also send out an assessment and questionnaire along with providing you with training material before attending.
Mapping cars is not easy, but it is not hard. If you have a good understanding of cars and can ask your customer what they want then you can map a car. If you can add, subtract, multiply and divide you will soon be making changes and reaping the rewards.

During our course, if required, we can provide additional tuition. With an option for a 2hr evening class on the second day if you have any concerns about completing the course.
We don't try to sell our courses by telling you we will tailor the course to your needs we put in the effort to make sure you complete the entire course sucessfully.
This dedicated training approach ensures everyone attending our course completes it, from a novice to a seasoned pro. Leaving with a cerificate earned with true meaning.

A good ECU remapping, reprogramming and map writing training course ensures everyone learns to the same standard

After completing our course youll being able to write new maps.
Our ECU remapping, reprogramming and map writing training courses have been designed by us. With many years experience in both the motor industry and teaching along with attended other training courses we developed our courses for you.

We do not sell maps, after attending our course we offer a service to look over maps you make and advise you on improvements or resolving problems if required.
We do not sell slave equipment. Buying slave equipment will never help you further your career in ECU remapping tuning and reprogramming the modified maps are encryted preventing you from seeing the changes made. Slaves provide income to the Master only.

Want to get a head start?

Should you require it we can send out a full remapping kit, this contains a laptop with all the software installed on it, a pair of ECU reading tools one for OBD reading the other for direct BDM reading, a BDM frame and an ECU.
This ECU remapping, reprogramming and map writing practice kit will allow you to familiarise yourself with the equipment before the course.
Only available to people booked on to one of our courses for 1 weeks hire prior to attending. This costs 250.00 per week with a 2,000.00 refundable deposit required.

why choose us?

Free online Mapping Guide

We are the only company that provides a free online ECU reprogramming, remapping and map writing guide at over 70 pages long it covers evrything you will need to learn.
You can read it at your own pace and then you have the choice to attend our course where you will truly understand all of it and be able to write your own maps at the end of the course.

Pre&Post course Development

We are the only company that gives you a complete breakdown of our courses so you know exactly what you will get, we also send out pre attendance course work with a questionnaire and assessment so that before your course you can establish your current understanding and we can ensure that you will get the best out of our course.
At the end of the course we get you to fill out the same questionnaire and assessment again so you have a record of your new abilities to refer back to in the future should you need it. .

Course Sizes

Our company policy is to have between 2 and 4 people on a course, whilst we can cater for up to 10 delegates it is our opinion that youre learning may be hampered in large classes of strangers.
We will run courses for 1 person if you prefer to have 1 on 1 tuition.
Alternatively we can do single company bookings requiring training at our site or at you companies site for up to 10 delegates with a 2 trainer team. .

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25 years in the industry with multiple winning vehicles from all discplines.


A professional teacher with excellent skills in map design.

The best map writers in the world

They all had to start somewhere, with modern teaching techniques it is a far easier task to undertake.

emotion, adrenaline, drive, extreme

Improve your business and improve peoples experiences in their cars.

Great Reputation Great workload

Good map writers develop a reputation for their work which then brings work to your door by word of mouth